About Us

Experts in the field of Access Control Solutions, AbitSoftware design and manufacture the ACX-24, an advanced Access Control System. Our mission as a company is to deliver sophisticated and refined products to our clients that meet and exceed their expectations.

This is clearly encompassed in our company Mission Statement:

"To be the best for your customers, for your employees and for your partners."

Experts in our field

As experts in the field of Access Control Solutions, we work stringently and carefully to a predisposed set of core values. Our vision is one of bold consistency; we deliver a compelling and shared message to the world that is simple and yet potent in its core strength.

Our focus is always on understanding your priorities; as our client, we constantly keep in touch and systematically refresh your objectives. Customer satisfaction is vitally important to us – we keep our promises and deliver what you need, when you need it. We are relentless in our quest to perform to the utmost of our ability whilst maintaining quality and speed of production. Everything that we do is professional, from interaction between employees through to clients and vendors. Transparency, honesty and directness follow through in all that we do and say. In addition, we work together as a team at all times, communicating effectively with each other as well as our clients. We think intelligently and produce an intelligent outcome, resulting in a superb product that excels in performance. We have the solution to your problem.

Whether you are looking to purchase one control unit from us or many, we will listen attentively to your demands and produce a result that will outperform and outlast all others.

Get in touch now; talk to us if you have any queries and find out exactly how we can work with you to solve all of your access control problems.

We would like to talk with you to understand your business. Get in touch now to find out just how effectively we can work together. We guarantee to produce a tailored solution to meet both your requirements and your budget.